Vishwakkamma Puja Mahotsav

All India Vishwakarma Puja Mahotsav

 World cup
In collaboration with all organizations of the society
Second Vishal Vishwakarma Puja Mahotsav is being organized.
Talatora Indoor Stadium New Delhi

Date: 23/9/2018    Day: Sunday

In this celebration, the five President of the World Bank will address the National Assembly and will work together to form a new direction by binding the society in the form of unity.

Special attractions:
Students who receive 70% or more marks in the 10th and 12th classes will be rewarded in 2017-2018. Other students, who will get special achievement in any field like sports etc., will also be rewarded. The government
The respected Ganesha retired from the post of officer and employee will also be honored. The cooperation of all the allies is a pratananya. All of you, wherever you have information, spread these information very fast all over the country.
And give your support to make the event a success.

Name of students' students and respected counters till 2/9/2018
Be sure to send us to the number written below.
Akhil Bharatiya Vishwakarma Mahasabha:
        "Delhi "


 Kishan Lal Pavil

 General Secretary:

 Kamal Kishore Pavil

 Organization Secretary:

 RK. Pavilion


 Dhavir Singh Pavil

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